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Sycamore Creek Preserve and Interpretive Center

The RCRCD field office and Sycamore Creek Interpretive Center (SCIC) is a re-purposed model home trailer that is located at 11875 Indian Truck Trail in Temescal Valley. The SCIC provides information about Sycamore Creek Preserve, which is part of a conservation easement that is managed by RCRCD. The preserve includes a riparian corridor with a flood control sediment basin. Sycamore Creek drains into Temescal Wash, which is a major tributary to the Santa Ana River. The nearby upland habitat is home to the rare Munz’s Onion. Focused monitoring every five years is part of the long term management of the site. Staff measure vegetative cover and diversity and conduct surveys for the California Gnatcatcher and other sensitive species.

The SCIC offers hands-on, nature based learning activities. Staff is continously developing educational programming about the local flora, fauna, ecosystem interactions, and the Santa Ana River Watershed. The SCIC serves as a Citizen Science Outpost and as a resource center for the Santa Ana Watershed Citizen Science Program.