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Mission and Values

Missions Statement:

The Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District (RCRCD) works to sustain natural resources and helps others conserve resources, so that high quality water, land, soil, wildlife, air and plant life will be abundant forever.

The district advocates that each acre of land be managed according to its needs. District programs foster the sustainable use of natural resources for each land use, including native habitats, urban/suburban areas, and agriculture.

Land Acknowledgement:

The RCRCD would like to recognize that our district is on the ancestral lands of the Tongva, Cahuilla and Payómkawichum tribes. Many members of these tribes still live in the area and are integral members of our communities. Many speak of these tribes as though they are only a relic from the past or a display in a museum, but these tribes are the past and they are the present. We honor their contributions and knowledge, for they were the original stewards of these lands. Without their wisdoms, we could not properly educate about stewardship of the land. We will always strive to serve as a partner and supporter of all organizations working to promote environmental justice, giving voices to all, celebrating indigenous cultures and accessibility to the most marginalized on their own terms.

View from a mountain over a valley.