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Perched Savannah Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow. Photo by Michele Felix-Derbarmdiker

Wildlife is a biological resource that serves an important role in all ecosystems. Like the pieces of a puzzle or strands of a spider web, all species of an ecosystem are connected and depend on one another for stability and often survival. Mankind and wildlife have been connected in this web of life for thousands of years. We have depended on wildlife for food, fuel, clothing, recreation and financial stability. For a time, there was an equal give and take that kept the see-saw of this relationship in balance. However, the demands of modern society have shifted the balance, and the wealth of natural resources is going bankrupt. This includes our natural resource of wildlife. Wildlife tends to get the short end of the stick as modern society demands more and more from the planet. As we continuously expand into the various habitats found in Southern California, it has become a struggle for our native wildlife to find sufficient food, shelter and water. Without these essentials, wildlife cannot adequately reproduce and can potentially become extinct. Over time more and more species will fall victim to this reality if natural resource use is not balanced. It is up to agencies, like the RCRCD, to work to conserve natural resources, such as wildlife, so that current and future generations can benefit from healthy balanced ecosystems.