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Use Your Purchasing Power

We need your help to shift away from a consumer culture, our culture's current emphasis on over-consumption, and to adopt a more conscious consumption. Before purchasing a product, ask yourself, "Do I really need it?" Often, more is not better, when the costs to nature and quality of life are calculated. Secondly, we can make discriminating choices that curtail the use of environmentally degrading products and packaging.

  • Choose durable, high quality, energy efficient products made from recycled or sustainable materials. Avoid products that are fabricated with persistent chemicals, such as vinyl, PVC's, CFC's. Seek out sources of earth-friendly, least-toxic products.
  • Support good companies that produce well designed and made products and that use recycled or sustainable materials. Their products may warrant added costs. Contact companies that don't. Request improved products and reduced packaging.
  • Pre-cycle: avoid or limit purchases that are wasteful of the earth's resources, such as disposables. "
  • Avoid products that use excessive packaging, and avoid packaging that does not decompose or that cannot be kept in the recycling loop, such as aerosol cans and polystyrene foam. Buy in bulk and reuse containers, including your own durable shopping bags.
  • Support local enterprise, coops, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's). By purchasing locally produced products and food, we promote a local economy and reduce the need for energy-consuming shipping. Also, shop at stores that are known for their environmental practices. .