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Technical Services

Technical assistance is provided to land owners, "cooperators", who are interested in conserving natural resources while using or developing property.

Services provided to cooperators include:

  • Conservation planning based on resource data such as soil type and crop water needs;
  • Onsite evaluation of a problem, such as an inefficient irrigation system;
  • Specifications for the installation of conservation practices, such as erosion control structures.

Natural resource management and conservation planning information is provided to district cooperators with assistance from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

RCRCD's Irrigation Water Management (IWM) Mobile Lab evaluates irrigation systems for efficiency and uniformity in applying water. The Mobile Lab auditor travels to cropland, homes, and large turf areas at parks, schools, and golf courses to test irrigation systems. The auditor then develops a report with recommendations for system improvements to help irrigators conserve water and save money.

The RCRCD office provides resource data and planning tools, including soil and water testing, soil survey maps, and other technical information.