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Natural Resource Conservation Service

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Natural resource management and conservation planning information is provided to district cooperators by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Conservationists meet onsite with landowners, evaluate resource concerns, and recommend alternatives. Conservation practices are also referred to as BMP's (Best Management Practices)

NRCS conservationists provide technical information to land owners to assist with preventing and repairing natural resource problems, such as soil erosion and sediment. Conservationists supply the standards and specifications to help land users properly install conservation measures, or they can be found at

When a site is being developed to a new use, conservationists help landowners develop conservation plans. Conservation plans include an inventory of resources and provide alternative suggestions for resource care and management. For example, if a landowner plans to develop a property to an avocado grove, the conservationist might discuss water availability, soil quality and capability, and erosion control alternatives such as cover crops, land-clearing techniques, check dams, and drain lines.

If you would like assistance, please contact District Conservationist, Bob Hewitt of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Bob can be reached at (951) 654-7733 or

Maps can be found on the NRCS web at