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Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District

The Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District (RCRCD) is a local government agency that helps conserve the natural resources (soil, water, plants, and wildlife) of areas within western Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in southern California. The District provides technical advice to land users, educational programs for the community, and conducts on-the-land conservation projects.


The Mobile Lab team evaluates irrigation systems to help landowners conserve water.
Resource Educators present programs and provide materials that teach about sustaining natural resources and reducing human impacts on wildlife habitat.
Biologists rehabilitate degraded habitats by removing invasive species and restoring native species to natural landscapes.


RCRCD works with private land users, nonprofit organizations, and public entities to sustain natural resources within its boundaries. RCRCD provides information about natural resources and their stewardship and management for each land use: native habitats, urban/suburban areas, and agriculture. RCRCD conducts education and on-the-land conservation projects, such as habitat restoration.


Upcoming RCRCD sponsored events may be found under Events.